"IGOR" recreational resort

Brand-new bungalows on the Żywieckie lake

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Apartament 5-osobowy

Zapowiada się kolejny upalny wrzesień w Zarzeczu

Przystań żeglarska i plaża nad Jeziorem Żywieckim

Najnowsze zdjęcia z lotu ptaka

Od kwietnia noclegi ze śniadaniami i obiadami

Domki “IGOR” z prywatną plażą i naturalnymi palmami

Nowa ścieżka spacerowa i rowerowa w Zarzeczu

Rowerki wodne nad jeziorem żywieckim

Wakacje w górskich domkach

Rowerem do Szczyrku

Wieczory w gronie najbliższych przy ognisku

Majówka na Żywiecczyźnie

Święta Wielkanocne nad Jeziorem Żywieckim

Góralski powiew wiosny

Jesteśmy oficjalnym partnerem portalu nr 1 w Noclegach na Żywiecczyźnie

Stoki białe, a Zarzecze pachnie wiosną

Dyplom uznania za 2018 rok

Dzień Kobiet przy jeziorze Żywieckim

Półmaraton wokół Żywieckiego Jeziora – 7 kwietnia 2019r.

Piękne lato nad jeziorem żywieckim

Tłusty Czwartek u “IGORa”

Ferie nad jeziorem żywieckim – Promocja na ostatnie terminy :)

Wspaniałe warunki na narty w Szczyrku

Weekend za pół ceny w marcu 2019 roku

Instruktorzy narciarstwa w Naszych Domkach “IGOR” w Zarzeczu

Pierwszy śnieg w Zarzeczu

Modernizacja Domków 2018: Klimatyzacje, ekspresy do kawy i konsole do gier…

Jesień i Andrzejki 2018 – oczywiście w Zarzeczu

Mikołaj 2018 – Zapytaj o prezenty!

Boże Narodzenie z uroczystą kolacją wigilijną. Sprawdź ofertę! 40 PLN osoba!

Sylwester 2018/2019

Nasze zimowe Zarzecze

Który stok narciarski do nauki jazdy? Ski-Busy ruszyły :)

Weekend za pół ceny: 05-07 października 2018 roku

The "IGOR" recreational resort is a state-of-the-art holiday centre equipped with all amenities. It is located in the touristic spot of Zarzecze situated in the Żywiecka valley within the historical region of Żywiec, on the Żylica river where it enters the Żywieckie lake (100 m away from the Resort) in the vicinity of the mountains, which guarantees active recreation. As a tourist site, Zarzecze is abundant with recreational venues. Accommodation by the Żywieckie lake provides wonderful relaxation and rest. This spot is considered to be the centre of summer and winter leisure of the Śląski region with beautiful holiday cottages situated at the Żywieckie Lake. It neighbours with well-known touristic places such as Międzybrodzie Żywieckie, Szczyrk and Korbielów. The ideal location of the Resort guarantees a variety of attractions 'at hand' both in summer and winter. All of them are described at the "ATTRACTIONS IN THE AREA" section.


Zarzecze is less known than Miedzybrodzie Żywieckie - however, its location and natural values are very much appreciated. Anybody who pops into Zarzecze at least once will certainly come back here and remember it well. Zarzecze is visited by a huge number of regular holiday-makers who look for our accommodation several times a year - both in summer and winter. Location is one of its main advantages. It can be said that Zarzecze is located at the straight line between Międzybrodzie Żywieckie (7 km away) and Żywiec (4 km away). Szczyrk (10 km away) is situated perpendicularly to this line and Bielsko-Biała (10 km away) - diagonally. Thus, Zarzecze is located in the centre of the Żywiecki district - which makes it easy and convenient to move around the area and enjoy all its attractions. This type of location also lets you make use of a wide variety of ski routes and lifts. Another significant advantage of Zarzecze refers to its easy access to the Żywieckie lake and the Żylica river. Zarzecze with its beautiful beach lets holiday-makers enjoy water- and sun-bathing. At their disposal near the breach there is a sailing harbour with a wide range of water bicycles and sailboats. Moreover, various events such as shanties are organised there. By the beach there are numerous catering outlets with their terraces located directly over the Żywieckie lake. Quietness, ease and safety are further advantages of Zarzecze. Nights spent in Zarzecze will surely remain in your memory for a long time. Zarzecze will let you rest undisturbed. This is a holiday resort for people who appreciate quietness and cosiness. It is an ideal place for cycling, roller-blading, skateboarding or other trips. Moreover, your rest in Zarzecze will be enriched by the surrounding aura of the Żywieckie lake, which naturally 'neutralizes' stuffy and muggy days. In addition, the specific location of Zarzecza effectively eliminates annoying mosquitoes letting you rest quietly all day long - also late in the evening. It is also worth mentioning restaurants and pizzerias located nearby, which serve dishes at the highest level and often at very low prices. You can still say a lot about this beautiful corner of the Żywiecki region but no words will describe accommodation in our retreat. All you have to do to feel this climate is to spend your holidays with us. What is more - in the vicinity of Zarzecze - there are also other beautiful touristic sites. Bierna is located the nearest, above Zarzecze. At this location you can find a guest house, animal farm and hotel where you can rent a room or apartment. It is also worth mentioning Tresna characterised by its amazing views due to its fairly steep location. These sites are located in the municipality of Łodygowice. Going towards the dam you will find the municipality of Czernichów which also covers Międzybrodzie. Within the area you can see extraordinarily-shaped water bikes (in the form of cars or animals). Agro-farm and hotel rooms in Kocierz should also be mentioned here. This region is even richer with vegetation and the beautiful Kocierzanka river meandering within. During summer months many holiday-makers take a bath in its gentle and clean waters. All types of river 'slow-makers' form calm swimming areas, but still waters get mixed all the time here. It is also worth seeing and getting wet in its surrounding mountain brooks and streams. Żywiec also offers a large number of camping facilities. Feel invited to the camping in Zarzecze once again; your relaxation is guaranteed at the "IGOR" Relaxational Resort.

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